Вид на жительство в Евросоюзе, приобретение недвижимости, инвестиции и решения для бизнеса

Bogdan Y.

I would like to start with expression of my thanks to BP Immigration Services for their outstanding commitment, continuous assistance and permanent care of me and my case along the entire process of immigration application. They made it easy and smooth, accomplished everything perhaps in the most effective and efficient way possible, and took a lot of stress away; I greatly appreciate it. I guess it has been something more than a generic legal motion - a truly personalized deal with the customer, which in my opinion met the highest standards of professional work. I moved for Canada about six months ago, and we are still connected, still in touch: I know that I always can ask for help, for advice, and that is really important to me.

Regardless of one's background and personal qualities changing residence appears to be a big challenge in numerous aspects - from the very moment when one conceives the idea of immigration to the moment when he feels more or less settled in a new country, with a new job and a place to live, and then he may start thinking: "Oh, it seems like I've made it!"...and shortly afterwards he realizes: no, it's too far from the end, it's just the beginning... Changing work, creating a personal network and establishing the local connections, adjusting one's habits and learning more and more about the local culture, traditions, legal environment... This list is long and distinctive, and all these issues are unavoidable and somewhat trivial - enduring challenges and surmount them day to day is the only way to succeed in setting up a new life in "terra incognita".

It has been a challenge to me too; I am talking about it from inside and I see it from the very practical stand point. But there have been no time since I landed in the international airport of Calgary when I regretted my decision to immigrate. I really enjoy the country, enjoy my being here, and I am glad that I had a good start with the move. Every day I learn something new, meet new people, try interesting things that I have never heard about or seen before... And I much like the friendly, positive and calm atmosphere surrounding me that changes everything: my mood, my attitude to life and perception of matters. This is a unique environment and if I did not have any other plans I would come to Canada only for that.

I guess one of the most important things in immigration process is a feeling of freedom. Freedom is all about choices: if you have no opportunity to choose you don't feel free, don't feel capable of changing something, moving forward, evolving and developing. And even though there is no comprehensible measure of freedom, and absolute freedom is rather a philosophical term than something one can really perceive, I trust that everyone can craft his own way of freedom day to day, can create and build up some small (or sometime bigger) opportunities for choices and diversify his background. So if you are seriously thinking about immigration, my advice is: go for it. Try it. For the sake of options, for the sake of personal freedom. Don't think that you will not like it at the end or you will see it's not yours - you will never figure it out if you don't try today. In many ways this is a great and profound life experience and, of course, an adventure, and it's absolutely worth your commitment. I wish all people who are visiting the website of BP Immigration Services all the very best and every success. I wish you to believe in yourself and don't be afraid to change something in your life, don't hesitate to move forward. Be free in your decisions. Because it's all about your opportunity for choice.


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